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Powers And AbilitiesEdit

Dark Magic: Dundra is a skilled practicioner of dark magic. This is his main weapon of battle.

Flight: Dundra has been shown to fly without support, which allows him to move at amazing speed across the world.

Weaponry: Dundra has been shown to have a lot of skill with various weapons. His most seen weapon is a blade that he has cursed with the souls of a thousand innocents whom he slaughtered when he attacked Draconis castle.

Persuasion: Dundra has shown the ability to persuade people to do whatever he wants. He showed this ability most when he was invading the Orcish city of Ergora Rin. He got all the way to the castle before being detected by the military, and by that time, he had taken control of every civilian in the city.

Shapeshifting: Dundra has been seen to control his appearance in certain ways. His first form was of a small boy, with pale skin and long black hair. When he was later seen attacking Draconis castle, he was in the form of a man in his mid-20s. After being stabbed in the heart at the end of the Army of Seven arc, his skin rotted away and revealed his true form. His true form is of a blackened skeleton, with spiders crawling out of his eye sockets.

The Thirteen Words of Death: In the lore of the Lifiad, there are Thirteen Words that kill anyone who hears them. They are slowly more dangerous, with the Thirteenth killing every person within three hundred words. This Thirteenth word kills the speaker as well.

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